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Argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs. Type me an essay

March 5th, Steroids in sports Over the last few years performance enhancing drugs has become a large issue for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that argumentative essays about performance enhancing drugs that use performance enhancers. Athletes use these drugs college application essay get a step up on their competition.

When these drugs are used the fairness is lost and not all the athletes are playing on the same level. For this reason it has been banned in all sports. Many achievements have been stripped from athletes argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs the years for the use of performance enhancers.

Another reason why performance enhancers are so controversial in sports is tradition. Sports have been played by a specific set of rules throughout American history and even a minor change is a big deal.

582 Words Essay on Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Though the changes may be small they add up over time. Should the rules change for performance enhancers as well? People and athletes have lost sight of what is important in sports. Sportsmanship is losing meaning as time goes on and is being replaces by money and popularity of the athletes. When people lost sportsmanship they lose the real meaning of playing a sport.

By this she means that sports would lose their hard work and be just about who has the best performance enhancers. People would lose sight of what matters in sports. Teams would focus more on performance enhancers then the sport itself.

Athletes throughout history stood above their competition with talent and hard work. They show what they are capable of by training for hours to become better than anyone else. Athletes who stood at the top of their sport worked just as all the others did, but they work harder or are naturally argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs at what they do.

These athletes break and set records and argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs good role models to kids growing up. However over time the outlook on sports changed from glory to shame. Many who are too well in their sport or event are considered to be, or are, using argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs enhancers.

The worst part about these rumors is that most are true. Many athletes and fans have lost sight of what sports are meant to be, and replaced it with a will to win no matter what. Time changes everything and sports are no exception. Rules change, players change, and it is no surprise that values that the sport takes on will change as well.

As time goes on, performance enhancers become more prominent among Creative writing careers list This holds true in sports as well, but the will to win is not a bad thing.

It is what makes sports what they are. The competition of teams and people striving to beat each other to a goal only one can have. The competition is the part the fans like the best uk essay writing service Performance enhancers take what fans love and take it up to another level.

Athletes will run faster, jump higher, be stronger, and show what humans can do at their peak. No one would have an unfair advantage among others in sports.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

Sports would be taking on what argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs love about them and moving forward as society does. With performance enhancers in sports health becomes a concern. Athletes will use steroids no matter what the rules say about them.

If a player uses bad steroids, they can become permanently impaired in a number of ways, or even die.

If performance enhancers were allowed in sports the argumentative essays about performance enhancing drugs would be minimalized, increasing the safety of athletes. However, even then, athletes will still not be safe due to many performance enhancers having bad side effects of use.

Safety wise, athletes should think twice before using performance enhancers like steroids due to the health repercussions. battle of lexington and concord research paper feel that performance enhancers should stay banned from sports.

I cannot see an upside to having them in sports.

People like thesis on project management in ghana watch a close argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs and the errors that happen to make moments exciting. For example, in baseball, a team can be one run away from a win in the last inning.

The last batter will come up to the plate. The tension will mount to see what will happen and the batter hits a homerun to win the game. These moments to triumph make sports worth watching and steroids would not make any of it better. Perfection would make sports un-interesting.

In my opinion it would feel fake because hard work was overturned by a drug. The health issues along with traditions of hard work and talent outweigh any opinion people in favor of performance enhancers can come up with. The safety if of argumentative essays about performance enhancing drugs is the main concern get paid to edit college essays that will not change in the time to come.

The stand against performance enhancers will not give up even if time is against it. The competition takes a backseat to talent and hard work even with performance enhancers. We see the true peak of humanity through people who give it their all without the use of banned substances. Many performance enhancers are not safe and can argumentative essay about performance enhancing drugs someone with serious medical financial literature review for the rest of their life.

The side a person takes on this issue truly shows what they value most in sports. Is it love of the game or the love of winning?